Effectively Synthesize Findings

HEAL’s Cross-Cutting Module will ensure that lessons learned are captured and synthesized across the HEAL portfolio, for targeted sharing with policymakers and other stakeholders to help inform complex decisions impacting multiple sectors.


The five-year timeframe of HEAL includes compilations of key findings and sharing of “lessons learned” with key stakeholders at a range of relevant scales. Each of HEAL’s five country- / region-level research studies involves local health, conservation, and development partners as part of the research design and implementation process, ensuring a local constituency for each project from the start and enabling the development of contextually relevant communications strategies. Scientific information gathered from each of the five studies will be provided to relevant host country decision-makers and beyond as efficiently as possible, in useful time frames and formats.     

Collectively, this portfolio of projects represents a unique opportunity to have far greater impacts on conservation and public health practice and policy than any single project could achieve alone. To realize these added benefits, HEAL’s Cross-Cutting Module will ensure that synthetic lessons learned are captured and shared. This cross-cutting component will ask over-arching questions about the role that nature plays in human health, questions that cannot be adequately answered solely by individual research projects. For example, a) under what ecological, socio-economic, and market conditions are the “services” provided by nature important, or not, for supporting human health; b) under what conditions might nature conservation be a cost-effective public health investment; c) under what geographic and socioeconomic conditions, in terms of equity, are health-related services derived from nature likely to be the only ones sustainably available, and d) how can the results from these case studies be generalized to inform conservation decisions and policies elsewhere?

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